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Neural Education offers customized educator professional development courses for schools, districts, and education organizations. 

  • Audience: Our prospective audience is ALL K-12 educators: Classroom Teachers, Principals, Administrators, School Psychologists, Department Leads, Instructional Designers, TOSAs and Coaching Staff.
  • Courses: We offer single, half-day courses (typically 4 hours), all day courses (typically 6-7 hours), and three-day and five-day courses.
  • Clock Hours: Available upon request for additional fee.

If you want to be a better educator, administrator or colleague, this is the PD for you.  A game changer for educators!"

Erich Weight

North Thurston Public Schools

Recommendations based on level of Neural Education knowledge

Foundational Courses

Inform your pedagogy with a neural lens and discover the power of brain-aligned learner-centric practices with the following 3-hour courses: 

  • Amygdala Hijack 
  • Impact of Stress on Learning 
  • Structure before Function: Growing/Strengthening Neural Pathways Essential for Learning and Emotional Regulation
  • Challenge Mosaic for Personalized Learning 

Theory Into Practice

Merge your foundational course knowledge with the following research-based topics to create a personalized program that meets the needs of your organization: 

  • Impact of Exercise on Neural Connections 
  • Mindsets (Fixed and Growth): Brain Responses and Self-regulation 
  • Creating a Kinesthetic Classroom 
  • Multi-tasking, Screen Time, and the Impact of Technology on the Brain 
  • Co-creating Safe Spaces with Students 
  • Impact of Sleep on Memory and Learning 
  • Reticular Activating System and Bias
  • Reticular Activating System and Plasticity
  • Neuropossibilities: Unlocking the Potential of Diverse Learners
  • Executive Function and Working Memory
  • Differential Neurobiological Susceptibility to Social Context: Teaching to the Orchid 
  • Boredom as a Stress Response: Understanding the Brain's Response to Boredom - Ways to Activate Engagement and Focus
  • Backward Design in a Neuroscience Model: Curriculum Design Framework 

Implementation Workshops

Allow your practice to flourish with continuing workshops that increase our application of neuroscience in teaching and learning, by strengthening our neural lens and applying our adaptive expertise:

  • Pandemic Research That Educators Need To Know
  • Greenhousing with UDL: Supporting All Learners to Reach Their Full Potentials
  • Building Relationships With Students: All the Students Get All the Joy
  • Equitable Grading Practices Using Intrinsic Motivation
  • Teaching With an Anti-Racist Inquiry Cycle
  • Application of Neural Education in Primary & Secondary Settings
  • Application of Neural Education in Higher Education Settings


In Person & Virtual

Immersive Introductory Short Courses

This immersive course introduces Neural Education Concepts and how they affect learning.  Learn how to:

  • understand the latest brain research and how children learn
  • re-frame what learning is in terms of neuroscience
  • implement a Neural Lens in the classroom
  • increase attention, focus, and engagement

Take away hands-on tools and methods to use in your classroom right away!

  • cost
  • includes
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  • 3 hours:  $5,000 
  • All day:  $9500
  • Pricing includes up to 100 participants
  • Additional participants:  3 hr course - $15; All Day $20
  • Courses can have up to 250 participants, space allowing.
  • Locations requiring travel will incur additional expense per IRS standards.

NOTE:  This is for organizations with multiple participants only.

 For individuals, please look at our institutes, book study, and workshops.

This is a training unlike all other professional learning because it is continuously rooted in the 'why'. This training explains how the brain interacts based on a variety of stimuli with the overarching goal of supporting each teacher to understand enough neuroscience to shift daily learning."

Dr. Rosa M. Villarreal


Kent Elementary School

Immersive Professional Development Long Courses/Institutes:  3 - 5 days

In these immersive courses, a framework and foundation in evidence-based Neuroscience is taught that empowers educators.  Every course is customized for the organization.  Each participant will gain insight into the science behind how children learn and be given practical and proven skills/tools to identify and re-engage students.

Learn how to:

  • Create trauma informed classrooms
  • Co-create solutions with educators, students, and families that are brain aligned
  • Increase academic performance
  • Help students self-engage with voice and agency

Take away hands-on tools and methods to use in your classroom right away!

NOTE:  This is for organizations with multiple participants only.  

For individuals, please look at our institutes, book study, and workshops.

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Pricing for multi-day courses varies based on number of participants and amount of customization.

Complete the Interest Form and we will contact you to discuss details.

Webinar - On Demand - Coming Soon

We are excited to announce the launch of our new Webinar On-Demand membership series!  

The first available will be:

Introduction to Neuroscience of Learning

Coming 2023

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Next Steps

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If you know you want to move forward and schedule a course, or want to speak to a Neural Education representative about a PD in mind, simply click the Interest Form Button below.  

Once the submission has been received and reviewed, you will be contacted for further discussion and next steps.

NOTE:  This is for organizations with multiple participants only.  For individuals, please look at our institutes, book study, and workshops.

What to Expect

Step One:

Once we receive your registration, you will be contacted for further discussion about your course.  

Step Two:

Finalize the course topic, length, date, and location.

Step Three: 

Sign course contract.

Step Four:

Gain access to digital content and prerequisite reading  (if applicable) along with any other instructions that pertain to your course selection. 

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