Family Academy

Family Academy

Welcome to Neural Education's Family Academy

Neural Education is excited to add the third leg to our programs that include teachers, learners and now parents and guardians: FAMILY ACADEMY. We recognize that a shared vocabulary, vision and mission are essential for the continued support of the child on their learning journey



Learn about our brains while connecting with other families.



Explore missions to enhance our understandings.



Cultivate community in which children flourish.

Our Family Academy Team

Our Family Academy team is creating a course of study and community of learning. Our goal is to help families understand the brain, how it functions, and how to support children in their development, while making connections with, and learning from, other families in the program.

Missy Widmann, EdD 

Sophie Monge, M. Ed

Kieran O'Mahony, PhD, FRGS

Mary Snyder, M. Ed

Veronique Mertl


Mobile App

Family Academy will be delivered on an innovative mobile app that makes it convenient and accessible for busy Family Academy members. The platform makes it easy, fun, and manageable as each individual learns alone, with community and with deep understanding.

As always, Neural Education courses are delivered in brain-aligned, entertaining and challenging easily-digestive chunks so that Family Academy learners will have success in a field that is fast growing, meaningful for their children, and designed for twenty first century success.

Our Commitment

We, at Neural Education, are committed to education for life and for lifelong learning. We are excited to include parents and guardians in the ongoing educational journey of our learners. Courses will be available in the very near future. Stay tuned.