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Kieran O'Mahony


Missy Widmann 

MA, PhD candidate

Christine Young

MEd - Biology

Mary Snyder

Emotional Learning Specialist

Tabitha Ellison

Assistant Director of Special Education

Dr. Kieran O’Mahony is the founder of the Institute for Connecting Neuroscience with Teaching and Learning (iCNtl), a Seattle-based nonprofit that provides professional development for K–12 teachers with a view to improving learning outcomes. As a learning scientist with a focus on cognitive neuroscience, Dr. O’Mahony carried out systems research at the University of Washington College of Education LIFE Center (Learning in Informal and Formal Environments), the first NSF-funded Science of Learning Center that studied the social aspects of how children learn.

Dr. O’Mahony’s other research interests include sociocultural perspectives on cognition, learning, graphical representation, and use of technology in formal and informal learning environments. 

Missy Widmann has always had a passion for education, neuroscience, health, fitness, and community.  Fortunately, her newest endeavor includes all of them.  Missy currently serves as an educational consultant, supporting teachers and students connecting neuroscience with teaching and learning.  She is a founding advisory member and presenter at Neural Education. She is also currently a doctoral student at Northeastern University in Seattle where she is researching educator attitudes and their impact on the educational trajectory of our students.

Missy has been teaching at the secondary level since 2000 in the areas of Health & Fitness and Anatomy & Physiology. She is currently teaching Health and Fitness at Challenger Alternative High School in Spanaway, WA.  

Christine Young has taught high school and middle school biology in the Seattle area of 15 years.  Chris' current work with Neural Education combines her interests in neuroscience, cognition, social emotional learning, mindfulness and exercise into cohesive programming and outreach. 

Mary Snyder currently serves as a Social Emotional Learning Specialist and district administrator for Steilacoom Historical School District and has a teaching background of over 20 years in higher education, elementary education, reading, and instructional coaching. Mary's work currently focuses on the development of systems of support integrating neuroscience with social emotional learning.  

Tabitha Ellison currently serves as the Assistant Director of Special Education in Steilacoom Historical School District. Throughout her 10 years as a special education teacher and para-educator, Tabitha cultivated a growing interest in connecting neuroscience to teaching and learning. She continues this focus as she works to develop systems of support for all students explicitly guiding them in autonomy, self-regulation and self-efficacy.


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Coming in 2020! 

Our Summer Institutes have been so successful, we will be expanding them to other states.,  The Facilitator Certification allows for Facilitating Summer Institutes!


  • Completion of Basic Summer Institute
  • Completion of Advanced Summer Institute
  • Completion of Keystone Project
  • At least one year of classroom application of Neural Education principles
  • Participation in Neural Education PLC
  • Classroom Observation and Sign Off
  • Trainer Certification
  • Volunteer with one Summer Institute start to finish (all pre-prep, during, post)


City, ST

Cost: TBD

More information coming soon!

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