Basic Summer Institutes

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As an educator, have you ever had these thoughts? 

  • How can I get this child to engage in learning?
  • How come he can’t pay attention?
  • Why doesn’t she follow instructions?
  • I wish I could get these children to behave like learners.

We have the answers!

In this Course You Will Learn How to:

  1. Improve educational outcomes for all students
  2. Empower individual students to access their own potential
  3. Get inspired to ignite your teaching with research-based brain science
  4. Use methodologies which manage the classroom by managing the brain
  5. Empower children through social, emotional, and restorative practices

Northwest WA

Bellingham, WA

Pacific Lutheran University Campus

Tacoma, WA

Heritage University

Toppenish, WA

North Seattle

Shoreline, WA

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Neural Education and its donors sponsor every teacher 90%!  

In my 25 years of being in education, this is HANDS DOWN the VERY BEST professional development I've been part of.... ever!"

Karey Richardson


Stahl Junior HIgh

We can reach every single student (and their brain) - on their path to reach their potential by:

  • Enhancing access to learning by fostering safety, agency and autonomy
  • Reframing the way we see behavior - all behavior is communication

We offer methodologies which allow teachers to manage the classroom by managing the brain.  These methodologies are non-disruptive; lesson content is not changed, but the way it is delivered and received is updated.  We challenge you to: 

  • Changing how you view your students and lessons by looking at them through a neural lens
  • Implement a paradigm shift - three planes:  1) Move from a fixed mindset to a growth mindset around behavior and learning.  2) Engage in a way of teaching that focuses on growing neural pathways (learning).  3) Shift from routine expertise to adaptive expertise - move away from relying on rote practices toward a notion of flexible, continuous learning and professional growth 

We translate neuroscience research into accessible classroom practices and processes.  Bring these practices and process back to your classroom to:

  • Increase academic performance by providing tools to help students access their prefrontal cortex (area of planning and processing), grow working memory, and increase executive function
  • Build deeper connections with your students to increase their learning confidence
  • Prepare the landscape for learning

Advanced Institute

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During this three day deep dive:

  • Self regulation, plasticity, metacognition and working memory will be the areas of focus

  • Participants will be introduced to a brain-centric pedagogical model that is central to critical understanding of areas of attention, comprehension, mindset and engagement

  • Educators will develop an action plan on how to scale neuroscience in their schools and communities

  • Teaches will focus on how to grow the structures in the brain (PFC) that allow students to increase their executive function

You will learn how to:

  1. Apply a pedagogical model for brain-centric engagement

  2. Teach with plasticity in mind

  3. View teaching as the practice of growing and strengthening learning pathways

  4. Eliminate labeling and stratification by using inclusive teaching practice

  5. Give assessments for the 21st century

Pacific Lutheran University Campus

Tacoma, WA

North Seattle

Shoreline, WA

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Neural Education and its donors sponsor every teacher 90%!  

Understanding the neuroscience of learning has opened my professional practice to be more flexible, creative, purposeful and proactive. I have a clearer understanding of the structures and strategies that engage the brain in learning most effectively. My students have gained greater access to learning because I now understand how and why the brain functions as it does. This training has reenergized my work and revolutionized my practice! "

Mary Snyder

Social Emotional Learning Coordinator

Steilacoom Historical School District


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New for Fall/Winter 2019!!

Welcome to an elite group of educators that is changing the future!  The Neural Education Trainer Certification program is launching in 2019.  

As a Certified Neural Education trainer, you are able to represent Neural Education as a paid speaker at events.  We provide the resources and presentations along with training to ensure you have everything you need to make a difference in the lives of other teachers, who then make a difference in the lives of their students.  


  • Completion of Basic Summer Institute
  • Completion of Advanced Summer Institute
  • Completion of Keystone Project
  • At least one year of classroom application of Neural Education principles
  • Participation in Neural Education PLC
  • Classroom Observation and Sign Off


City, ST

Cost:  TBD

More information coming soon!

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