Education Through a Neural Lens!

It's easy to ignite learning when we understand how to ignite the brain

Mission / Vision / Commitment

Mission:  We knock down the barriers of stress, bias and emotional reactivity with powerful, practical and proven brain-based learning strategies so that all students can learn.

Vision:  To bring safety, structure and a sense of belonging to every student and classroom by uniting the neuroscience of learning with the power of teaching.

Commitment: We Commit to ...

  • creating a culture of affirming environments - face to face and remote 
  • affirming educators' humanity and identities
  • empowering and investing in in educators - autonomy,  mastery, purpose
  • building an inclusive community of people who care about education, educators, students & human potential 

Pledge:  Using Neural Education’s research-based methods and practices, rooted in cognitive-neuroscience, classrooms can become low-stress, safe and productive learning environments where all students can be seen, their voices heard and their potential realized.

What We Do

Inspire Teachers

to ignite their classroom using research-based brain science methodologies which allow them to manage the classroom by managing the brain.

Provide K-12
Professional Development

to help educators realize a new paradigm - a way of thinking about teaching and learning using a neural lens.

Translate Neuro-scientific Research

(how the brain processes and retains information), into accessible classroom practices and processes.

Improve Educational Outcomes

for all students by empowering them to access their own potential as they understand themselves and see themselves as learners.

"Neural Education offers a deeper understanding of the brain's amazing capacity.  When this understanding informs the classroom, lessons come alive - joy and meaning are brought back to learning."

Terry Bergeson - WA Superintendent of Public Instruction 1996-2008  

Pacific Lutheran University - Former Dean, School of Education and Kinesiology 

How We Do It

We translate neuroscience research into practical teaching and learning tools that can be applied to real classrooms with real results!

Understanding how the brain works, what stimulates it and how to harness the connections in a positive way enables teachers, parents, and students to flourish.  

  • Summer Institutes
  • Professional Learning Communities
  • Parent / School Outreach
  • Seminars / Webinars
  • Conferences
  • Peer-reviewed Papers

​All Institutes are currently being held virtually.

Summer Institutes

In this one-week immersive course, a framework and foundation in evidence-based Neuroscience is taught that empowers educators.  Every participant will gain insight into the science behind how children learn and be given practical and proven skills to identify and re-engage students.

35 Clock hours eligibility!  Standard or STEM clock hours.

Learn how to:

  • Create a stress-free classroom for all
  • Eliminate disciplinary referrals
  • Increase Academic Performance
  • Help students self-engage with voice and agency

For more information, click the yellow icon or go to the Institutes page

This Advanced Neural Education Institute offers graduate educators the opportunity to widen and deepen the neural lens that was introduced in Basic Neural Education Institute.  Concepts and techniques that were explored earlier will be honed and polished for application in the classroom. In addition, participants will leave the institute with an action plan for classroom implementation and school-wide dissemination. 

20 Clock hours eligibility!  Standard or STEM clock hours.

Learn How to: 

  • Advance your application of neuroscience fundamentals
  • Scale neuroscience within your school community
  • Help Students access deep learning

For more information, click the yellow icon or go to the Institutes page

"In my 25 years of being in education, this is HANDS DOWN the VERY BEST professional development I've been part of...ever!!"

Karey Richardson, Principal - Stahl Junior High

Professional Learning Communities

Join us for our monthly 2020-21 Neural Education PLC series - ALL educators are welcome!  

​We look forward to partnering with you as we continue to connect neuroscience to teaching and learning.  

​Each month we will explore a relevant and timely topic through presentations by Certified Neural Educators, discussion groups, and curated flipped-classroom resources.  By participating you will:

  • ​satisfy your district's PLC requirement
  • ​potentially earn clock hours
  • ​connect with like-minded educators

Making a Difference

Impact of applying Neural Education Principles

Neural educators view teaching and learning as collaborative practices that grow cognitive capacity with the goal of helping every student reach their full potential.

  • Classrooms are viewed as greenhouses that promote neural growth
  • Student behavior is re-framed to be seen as the brain’s way of communicating overload/stress/anxiety
  • Lessons become opportunities to co-create - giving students autonomy and purpose
  • School communities shift to focus on relationship building which fosters academic growth
  • Classroom management is seen as a side-by-side endeavor with the goal of cultivating neurotransmitters

"Learning about the brain allowed me to understand my own behavior in relation to the behavior of my students. Consequently, I was able to change my beliefs about student behavior by looking through a neural lens. Now I see the student, not the behavior."

Karen Foley, Elementary Teacher - Lincoln Elementary

"We have high poverty and ACEs (Adverse Childhood Experiences) climate. I’m seeing how knowledge about learned helplessness helps my children move beyond the “I’m no good” freeze stage. What is interesting for me is that kids who used to give up on the learned helplessness kids are now reinvigorated to teach them resilience by practicing it themselves."

Debbie Dougherty - Toppenish Middle School

Teachers in Action

Building on momentum from the Summer Institutes, Neural Education graduates are bringing their learning and connections back to their classrooms and schools .

Click the button below for a list of current projects. 

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Who We Are

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Board Vice-president

Missy Widmann
        MEd, EdD Candidate

Board of Directors

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